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Development and Contributing


To make an improvement, add a new feature or anything else, please open a issue first.

Good first issues are the issues that you can quickly solve, we recommend you take a look. Good first issue

Fork Repository

fork the unimport.

Clone Repository

$ git clone<USERNAME>/unimport.git
$ cd unimport

Setup Branch

git checkout -b i{your issue number}

How to Update My Local Repository

$ git remote add upstream
$ git fetch upstream # or git fetch --all
$ git rebase upstream/main


First, make sure you have at least one of the python versions py3.8, py3.9, py3.10, py3.11 and py3.12 If not all versions are available, after opening PR, github action will run the tests for each version, so you can be sure that you wrote the correct code. You can skip the tox step below.

After typing your codes, you should run the tests by typing the following command.

$ python3.12 -m pip install tox
$ tox

If all tests pass.

The final step

After adding a new feature or fixing a bug please report your change to and write your name, GitHub address, and email in the file in alphabetical order.


Unimport is MIT licensed, as found in the LICENSE file.

Last update: December 24, 2023
Created: December 24, 2023